"UMAS" Solvent Extraction Plants
"UMAS" Solvent Extraction Plants


Our Rotary Extractor has a rotor mounted on two bearings external to the shell. The stationary SCREEN BOTTOM separates the extractor chambers from the miscella chamber below. The self cleaning screen seals the bottom of each chamber while the sides are sealed by the chamber itself.

Thus this slow moving rotor with only three moving parts forms a mechanical, robust and long lasting equipment with the least volume per unit capacity.

The separation of extraction stages prevents the mixing of miscella and therefore solvent extraction per unit time is more efficient thereby making the extraction volume smaller.

Unlike the standard designs which incorporate 8/9 stage Desolventiser Toaster to recover hexane vapours from defatted meal, care is taken to protect the quality of protein by desolventising the meal in only three stages with the help of Direct or Indirect heating.

Distillation is complete in 3 stages at temperatures not exceeding 95°C to yield an oil of good colour and quality, free of volatility and moisture, which can cause increase of FFA in storage.

In the first stage 50% of the removal of hexane is done in a Rising Film Evaporator using hot vapours for DT. This specially designed RISING FILM EVAPORATOR is an ENERGY SAVING DEVICE.

The next step is a RISING FILM unit where 98% hexane removal is done using steam.

The final traces of hexane are removed in a vacuum stripper by open steam stripping and the oil is then dried to desired level in an integral vacuum drier.

Hexane Recovery
This system consists of water cooled condensers, chilled water vent condenser and mineral oil absorber system to ensure the lowest hexane loss.

The residual vapours from these condensers are evacuated by vacuum pump to chilled water at 10°C in close circuit. The residual air is aspirated through an absorption tower where mineral oil absorbs residual hexane in air before being exhausted to the air.

A special “Florance Flask” type Water Separator and Water Re-boiler completes the hexane recovery circuit.

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